MDU own and operate a modern fleet of heavy duty Cubex (now owned by Sandvik) electric drill rigs.

The Cubex drill rigs are versatile units and are capable of drilling 100mm diameter blast holes up to 760mm diameter V30 raise bore hole using the same drill rig.

The ability to drill a raise hole and blastholes with the same drill rig is a very cost effective method for excavating long ventilation shafts and mining stopes.

Importantly these rigs can also drill Reverse Circulation holes for grade control or exploration drilling.

Minor re-tooling is required to change from blasthole drilling to RC drilling. This is completed on site with minimal delay.

Each drill rig has its own electric primary compressor and high pressure booster compressor and we supply a light vehicle and an IT loader for most worksites.

Our modern Cubex Drill Rigs are equipped with the Machines Roger V30 raise drill and we now have the added capability of drilling 760mm diameter raise holes for cut off slots, emergency escapeways, vent shafts and service holes.

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